I Sold Your Soul for Chocolate

I Sold Your Soul for Chocolate is my current literary project. I'm honestly quite excited about it and am shooting to have it ready to submit to an agent by the end of the summer this year. Below is a brief synopsis I put together for NaNoWriMo 2010. Check back for further details and excerpts. As always, I welcome your input / comments.  :D  
Kida Chillcurse is a snarky sixteen-year-old Dark Elf whose favorite past-time is breaking into her mother's Aerial Ossuary, stealing souls bottled for potion-making and auctioning said souls to the highest bidder. She's making bank, maintaining a popular reputation among her peers and pissing her mother off to boot!

She's having a fantastic time of it all until she unknowingly sells a powerful soul to the wrong person. Kida is now being hunted by her enemies, hated by her peers and kidnapped by her rivals (the elves on the OTHER side). Can Kida set everything straight and make it out alive? Or has she sentenced everyone she loves (and hates) to die?